Shared office space

From and for creatives.

„The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo.“
(Lewis Carol - Alice in Wonderland)

What's the Goodhood65?
We found that managing our personal creative flamingos is way more fun together. This is why we came together to work in our own shared office - GOODHOOD65. Sometimes we have vacancies and welcome nice people to join us.
GOODHOOD65 is our shared office. We designed it, we built it and we take care of it. That means we look for nice people to join us and make the magic happen and do great things!
We enjoy working side-by-side and - if applicable - together. Sharing the everyday fun and challenges of entrepreneurship and freelancing, helping each other out with feedback and advice (and water each others plants!), sometimes sharing meals and drinks (we love Friday’s cocktail hours!) and networking in the Wild West of Berlin’s Wedding 65, our hood we love for its’ diversity, vibrancy and inspiration.
  • Brigitte /

    Driven by curiosity --- loves to work digital first.

  • Christine / FIREGLORY.COM


  • Jakob / Milano.B


  • Sebastian / Milano.B

  • Marius /

    Motion Designer

  • Remo /

    Digital Visual Artist

Film Production

We produce narrative and documentary features as well as series and branded content & provide production services for international clients.

Web Design

We love to create colorful pixel-arrangements - beautiful, purposeful.

Web Applications

Interactive, flexible sites and apps with great user experience.

3D Animation & Motion Design

We tell stories, give you visual pleasure and ease the most complex processes off to graspable animations.

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